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Our team of 70 qualified employees enables us to respond efficiently to the needs of a varied clientele, and to offer superior quality products in accordance with current industry standards.

Structure d'acier

Manufacturing/assembly of steel structures

As leaders in the manufacturing and assembly of steel structures, Les Soudures St-Denis and M.E. 2000 offer the following services:


  • Engineering of foundations and steel structures;
  • Drafting department;
  • Manufacturing and assembly of metallic structures for industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential use;
  • Custom projects, including design, manufacturing, and installation;
  • Industrial subcontracting of your projects.
Structure d'acier
Appareils de levage

Inspection/maintenance/installation of lifting devices

In order to respect current regulations for lifting devices, our specialized technicians can efficiently help you with the following things:

  • Manufacturing and installation of new devices;
  • Certified engineering plans for all devices built and sold;
  • Preventive maintenance;
  • Periodic inspections, including reports and recommendations;
  • Repair, replacement, and adjustments of components.


Our team of experienced welders – all of whom are certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau, according to the CSA 47.1 div 2.1 standard – enables us to offer superior quality products that conform to our industry’s strict standards.

A mobile welding service unit is also available.


The company owns two press brakes (one that is entirely automated), and a variety of dies , which can create different folding types according to thicknesses. Addditional details about this equipment are available in the Shop/Equipment section.


With multiple cutting devices available, Les Soudures St-Denis can offer diversified processes that maximize the production time for each project. A newly acquired shear offering increased precision of the cut, our five automated bandsaws (including one attached to the drill line), an angle master for flat bars and angles, and a 14’ X 40’ fire cutting table ensure rapid and efficient execution that takes security into consideration.